Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today is the day of surgery random thoughts

• Today is the day of surgery.... some of my random thoughts running threw my head right this second @ 6:15am
• I didn't sleep much last night due to fireworks and nerves.
• Someone also turned off the air conditioner so it was flippin’ hot in here.
• I woke up at 4am that means 3 hrs sleep for me.
• The lack of sleep has go to stop. Hopefully after today it will.
• the hospital gave me these wipes that look like baby wipes and your to shower then wipe down with them night before surgery and then again in the am. Makes me wonder do they really work? They make me feel dirty and sticky I don't care for them.
• Do I have everything ready for when I come home ????? Probley not. I hate how much you think you have everything ready come to find out afterwards you realize not even close.
• Nate is sleepin beside me now and is kind of making weird whimpering noises wonder what he’s dreamin about? Oh dear God he is snoring again….
• I am hungary! Since I couldn’t eat after midnight, at 11:30pm I had a hand full of cheetos and 2 Reese’s sticks. Now I’m so thirsty .
• Wonder if I lay back down if I could sleep before I have to go???? Probley not huh
• How bad is my phone gonna blow up today with calls texts or facebook messages? Good luck with that Nate LMAO (laughin my ass off)

Well I think I’m off of here .
I will blog as soon as possible!

Here is a letter I posted on facebook I forgot to post on here
Dear Friends and Family,
I couldn't go to surgery tomorrow morning without sending you a big huge
THANK YOU for all your thoughts, concerns, letters, notes, support, and prayers. I wish you could see into my heart and see how much they've meant to me and have kept them going. You all showed up with something different right when I needed it. A hug, a laugh, a coffee, a quote, a note, a check, a wig, an hour, a smile. All because you love me! I'm totally overwhelmed by that.

CANCER SUCKS!!!!!. But you have made it suck just a little less and shown me what friendship is and what it can do. It has given me strength not only to fight this, but to BEAT it! Thanks for being a part of my journey...I'm honored to fight this battle with you by my side.

It's EXTREAMLY hard for me to accept loving gestures because I don't like to inconvenience people, so I wanted to make sure you knew how much your support and love has meant to me as I fight this disease. I'm glad you're on MY side!

I'll see you soon with my new boobies and same bitchy attitude!
Love you guys! I'll see you soon with my new boobies and same bitchy attitude!
Signed with love,
Tenacious TaTa Fightin’ Bitch,
Jill Marple

P.S. keep the support, quotes, comments, ect. coming as I have only began this journey and from this point on I WILL NEED YOU ALL!

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