Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two days after…worst morning ever

Two days after…

I wake up to the nurses talking about me in the hall. (Shift change) They come in and intro duce the new nurse to me. I ask if I’m allowed to get up on my own she is very nice tells me only if I call for help to get back in to bed. She tells me I’m not due for any meds till 9am asks if there is anything she can do for me till then I tell her maybe just bring me 4 new bags of ice and some fresh ice water when she comes she wrote it on the patient med list and said she will bring it all at the same time.
At 7 am I ordered my breakfast. Yes it is like ordering room service so weird to me. As I was done eating my plastics surgeon came in for morning rounds about 7:10am Dr. Jewitt does the same as the day before flings the bed table across the room yanks blankets down pulls compress down and starts poking around. Then states I can go home and I will be discharged today. I tell him thank God I stayed the night there was no way I couldn’t do it that night at home. I then ask him how soon will I be able to get… he interrupts me and says you’ll start getting saline injections in 4 -6 weeks. I then said get the compress off???? He never listens to me fully he always interrupts me or just doesn’t pay attention to what I just asked. I then told him I felt like it was bunching up on the sides he inhales deeply and then rewashes his hands comes over unties my gown from the back and looks at both sides of me, states it’s the way I wrapped it is fine. Washes his hands and walks out the door. At this time I’m welling up with tears I’m tired of this guy treating me like this he never listens fully and is very short with me then he just left me hanging open I can’t lift my arms to pull my gown up ( ASS HOLE ) I was flipping him the bird as he walked out of the room and my night nurse walked in and giggled but she must have known I was upset she had a wash cloth in her hand and went to the bathroom and got it wet and then came and wiped my face with it. Love this lady .I must have dozed off because at 9am I woke up had to pee. I go through the process to get out of bed. As I’m in the bathroom I hear a voice in a distance saying “Hello, can I help you….Hello, do you need assistance???” when I realized I must have accidently pushed the nurse call button when I got out of bed I yell “ I’m in the bathroom and I need assistance getting back into bed” the lady on the other end tells me and I quote “ I’m on my way” I finish up wash my hands and slowly waddle back to the bed and on the way my gown falls to the floor and ,I almost tripped on it. I look at the clock it’s 9:05am No nurse so Get to the side of the bed and push the nurse call button “I need help getting in to bed.” The same voice tells me I’m on my way. I’m standing there naked trying to pick up the gown off the ground with my foot but not succeeding. Getting tired of standing, it’s hard to breathe, my chest hurts, I now noticing the temperature in the room, still no nurse. I look at the clock and realize it’s been 5 minutes of trying to pick up the stupid gown off the ground and I’m naked. I push the nurse call button again and I get the same lady and I tell her I am out of bed I can’t get in without help and I have been paging them. “MAAME I’M ON MY WAY” as I go to respond I hear her hang up. I yell this is bullshit thinking maybe someone outside in the hall would hear me but no such luck. So my legs are week and I sit on the edge of the bed which still hurts my chest due to the pressure of sitting up. I was able to reach my cell phone that was on my bed and call Nate asking him how close he was (he called me telling me he was on his way as I got out of bed to pee) He was only at Johnson Creek blvd. one exit away I tell him to hurry up as I have been out of bed since he called me and I explain my gown fell I’m naked and can’t get into bed and no one is coming from the nurses desk. WE hang up I page the nurses desk again now 9:20am I get no answer this time. I notice my bell isn’t sounding outside my door. I page again. I had to stand up a little easier to breathe I’m now noticing I’m getting very upset I feel tears welling up and stinging my eyes. There is a knock on my door and this very loud lady opens the door turns off the nurse call button inside the door but keeps the curtain closed and says “MAME, they will be with you when they can your nurse is busy” I yell at this point and tears start fallen I just don’t understand why you can’t help me get into bed she just came back with mame mame you’re fine and your nurse is busy she will be with you when she is done. I then blurt all I need is help getting in to bed so what’s wrong with your fat ass. Mame I’m sorry she will be with you when she is done and then the lady had to balls to shut the door and walk away I sob seriously lost it. Standing there naked I yell in between sobs “WHY ME?? OMG!!! YOU FAT FUCKIN BITCH! I JUST ON’T UNDERSTAND! ” I look at the clock it is now 9:30 I can’t believe I have been standing there naked almost 30 minutes I hurt so bad and sobbing doesn’t help the pain at all. I then hear the door slam against the wall the curtain fly open it’s the “ FAT FUCKIN BITCH” and my nurse asking what’s wrong I then in between sob tell her don’t act like you don’t know she states why are3 you naked. I explain my Dr. left my gown untied when I got up to pee it feel and I almost tripped on it I have been paging for help since 9:05 no one would come they oh wait you kept telling me you were on your way it’s hard to talk I’m sobbing but I get it all out as my legs start to give out from under me and I barley hit the edge of the bed. As I started to go down the “FAT FUCKIN BITCH “ nurse grabs my legs out from under me and flings them on the bed. As I barley hit the edge of the bed with my right hip I landed on the right shoulder. Major pain shooting threw the chest. I’m to only be on my back. This broad left me laying like this and walked out of the room and my nurse is saying Jill what is going on why are you so upset. Really seriously did she not just hear me tell her? Nate walks in and to the other side of the bed helps me lay correctly in bed then just starts rubbing my arm trying to get me to calm down I tell him what is going on in between sobs yes still sobbing if not worse since I saw him. My nurse kept apologizing telling me this is the first she knew that I needed help. I told her it’s hard enough for me to ask for help, then when I do have to rely on someone else I get treated like that and I’m expected to trust them No way! She apologized again said she will go get my meds, ice packs , and ice water when she stumbled and my left arm gets pulled forward and hurts really bad then I realized she tripped on my IV port cord and is pulling my arm out. I then Yell and reach with my right arm which hurt to pull my left arm back but she stumbled again and is now starting to pull the tape and port out of my arm. She slowly gained her stance apologized and I then look at Nate still sobbing and now this one tries to yank my port out. She just walked out of the room as Nate is stuck trying to calm me down. My nurse comes back in apologizes a million times, packs me with ice , medicates me, and tells me she will rush my discharge papers because all I kept saying is I just want to go home. After calming down Dr. Albert’s came in told me we are good to go home and answered a few of my questions. Nate starts to pack up some of my things and gets a phone call from Archie Somer’s, from Somer’s racing. He asked Nate to go pick up a part in Troutdale for Sally. Nate tells him we are getting discharged and he will then go get it after he gets me home. We get all the paperwork done and Nate helps me get dressed and took a load out to the car. He came back and grabbed another load of stuff, flowers ect. Then went and got the car. I had a porter wheel me down to the car and Nater helps me in once packed in the car we leave. On the way every damn bump, turn, and shift of the gears hurts. On the way I told Nate it made no since to go home and then turn around and go get the parts in Troutdale just go get them even though it hurt. I didn’t want to be away from him after the morning I just had. When we finally got home I realized I had set the bedroom up thinking I could go to bed. I get home and tears burning the eyes I had to sleep in the recliner. The beast chairs are called that because they are huge I have to mount and dismount the hairs even when I am feeling fine they are made for tall people like Nate not short shits like me. So for me to get in and out of the chair Nate has to help me even to get in it let alone, sit up and get out of it. I slept in the beast and Nate slept on the couch. He was up anytime I needed him. He is so awesome to me. The things he has been threw and so supportive.

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