Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surgery Day 07/05/11

Surgery date.

Well so they take me back to surgery prep. I felt a little nauseated, Nate and mom had to sit out in waiting room till I was totally ready. Met a really nice nurse named Linda she was so sweet and was very saddened by why I was there. She couldn’t get the iv port in the top of my left hand so she had to put it in the area below my thumb on the left hand so it kind of hurt to turn wrist. Well that didn’t help now I have a huge bruise on top where she attempted the first attempt.

They sent Nate back for a few minutes before my trip to necular medicine to get the dye injections. We chatted for a few then I was taken to my injection appt. But when the lady showed up I asked her where my little red wagon was? She looked at me funny and I told her I wanted the little red wagon ride like they give the kids. She just laughed and told me this one will be a better ride anyways. The lady taking me to the appt couldn’t drive the bed very well we kept hitting the walls around corner etc. It was kind of fun as we laughed and giggled all the way to and from the injection room. She made a nervous time full of laughs and giggles.

My general surgeon, Dr. Cowgill came in said hi before she went to prep and then my plastic surgeon , Dr. Jewett came in and he well I honestly think he is just an ass. He walks in to the curtained off area want to be room with some girl and asks me to slide with my feet off the side of my bed and open my gown. I then looked at the girl and said hi my name is Jill as she then introduced herself as some girl from some collage, that is going to be watching over my surgery and asked me if it would be ok if she also watched the surgical prep. I just think it was another rude moment from my plastic surgeon. Not even an introduction, bare it all and deal with it I guess. Dr. Jewett then grabs a skin pen and started drawing on me so much when he was done it looked like something a football couch had drawn to show the team where each player should be on the field. I was kind of embarrassed when he was done as they both stood back and he asked me to sit up straight and they both just looked and kind of stared at my chest and said it will work. He mentioned again he would like to go a smaller breast size then what I had agreed to in the consult but I once again had to explain I didn’t come to him because this is an elective surgery this is something I felt I had to do and if I could I would like to come out the same as I went in with, or kind of the same. With a look of disgust he then just put the pen cap on the pen and they walked away.

Linda my nurse brought mom and Nater back for a few minutes to say the I love you’s before surgery and off I went. As I was being wheeled off to surgery. I was kind of nervous, but yet kind of excited not knowing what I was going to wake up with or without.

They move me over from the bed to the surgical table and we are all talking and waiting then the Docs come in and they have a discussion with me about my allergies. I’m allergic to all the ones they wanted to give me for pain during and after then surgery. Next hey called the pharmacy and talked to a pharmacist about what they could give me before during and after surgery. After all that was worked out I had to sign papers stating that I understood they had to give me a pain med that I was allergic to but they were also giving me a med to counter react it. Next the anistishologist put the mask on me and I remember saying “LET’S KICK CANCERS ASS” and they all cheered “LET’s DO IT!”

I remember waking up in recovery… VERY ITCHY and complaining their anti-itch stuff is not working. Once I could get my eyes to focus for a few seconds. I moved the blankets down off my chest and pulled my gown up so I can see down it and I was completely flat chested. “WOW I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT” I said out loud and the nurse was giggling and said you’re so funny, most women just start balling. They finally wheeled me to my room and got me all set up in there and then brought the family in to see me. Nater, Colton, Mom, Dad, & Kelli….Where was Bailey? I don’t know. But that was the first thing I noticed. The second was the KooKoo bird Colton bought me. A very proud kid…”Mom, I had Kelli take me to Wal-Mart to go get it and I bought it with my own money just for you” I the KooKoo bird is a large stuffed bird I had mentioned I thought would work as a pressure pillow the Dr said would help me when I cough, sneeze, laugh, or move. I love my KooKoo bird, and it does help a lot.

No one had ate the nurse said the kitchen closed so Mom, Dad, & Kelli left to go get something to eat and then to go home. Nater & Colton went to go get something to eat and brought me back something to so we ate, then Nater kind of told me bits and pieces of what the surgeons told him of how the surgery went, and then they went home. This is when I was really able to kind of look down at my compression wrap and realize I am completely flat.

I had the best evening RN Llurh (sounded like lure like fishing lure), then there was Amy a CNA , and the best night RN Liz. The 3 were so nice and friendly. They would not just help me in and out of bed, bring me ice water and ice packs, they would come in and chat if I was awake, and just come in and check on me unlike some of the other nurses. I then got Jeanne the day shift charge nurse, and a Linfield college student nurse named Beth. It was so nice to have nurses that actually felt like they could be personal friends of yours. They came in sat on the edge of the bed and chatted quite often. In fact I timed one of the chats with Jeanne the charge nurse 1 hr. 45 minutes, she would get calls all the time on her phone and nurses coming in asking her questions but she was determined to chat. We actually did have a lot in common. Then I started wondering if the chatting was just because of the cancer and sympathy but even if it was they are some pretty amazing ladies they sure did help make my stay amazing that first night, and next day. Come to find out Jeanne spent her lunch our just chattin with me.

As for how I was feeling well I hurt to sit up, Stand up even worse. The pain was horrible. It felt like 2, 50 pound bowling balls were hanging off the shoulders and pulling down ward on my chest. When I sat up or stood I was very gated. My shoulders rolled forward and hunched almost like as if I had been punched in the stomach. It hurt to breathe. My only comfort was somewhat in a sitting/laying in the hospital bed with my chest packed with 4 bags of ice. But that still hurt but it was nothing like sitting or standing. Getting up and back to the bathroom was SO HARD just from pain alone. I couldn’t move my arms the pain was excruciating. I was drinking so much water plus they were filling me with a ton of IV bags. So this was a huge battle of holding it as long as possible due to pain, and the hassle of getting in and out of bed. Plus I would have to rely on a nurse to help me in and out of bed.

I honestly was surprised of how the flatness of the compression wrap was. Nate told me the Dr. Jewett the plastic surgeon did place in the extender implants. But I thought there would have been some shape there but nothing is there. I however thought the flatness would bug me mentally more then it did. It doesn’t really bug me at all. Kind of a shock to my own thoughts, if that makes since. I really thought it would at least make me upset. But I’m really ok with it.

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  1. I don't have internet access yet, but on the 5th, I was praying my heart out for you and you have been on my mind every day. I made you a tough girl pink and black luminary bag for my relay next weekend. Keep blogging no matter what. It's good for the soul. xoxo