Thursday, July 28, 2011

A quick update of what's going on

I know it’s been awhile
However, I went to genetics Tuesday the 26th and they ran some blood work and I won’t know about the genetic testing for about 2 weeks. Basically they are going to find out if the cancer was genetic or not.
Today, I went to my oncology appt.
Wow walking feeling fine walk out overwhelmed.
I had a great friend Cher who happened to be in town go with me and she took notes for me.
No matter what I WILL have chemotherapy.
My oncologist, Dr, Mashrue said I could possibly be available for a drug study.
This will depend on some testing to see if I qualify for the study or not.
If I do I will receive Chemo and another drug also that has proven to help.
I have a lot of information to be going over in the next few days.
I will figure things out and fill ya all in later
Like I said walk in fine walk out overwhelmed and kind of confused.

Afterwards Cher took me to her sister in law to have my hair done for the reunion.
I was kind of nervous of how they were going to do it but I LOVE IT!!!!!
I won’t post a pict till after tmw night’s reunion. Sorry guys!

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