Tuesday, August 2, 2011

08/02/11 Fill Up Appointment


Today I went to my plastics fill up extender appt. SO he goes in and give me a numbing shot Didn’t feel it anyways ha-ha. Then he added a needle with a port on it and from the port it had the IV tubing to a large syringe. But there was a second tube coming to the first tube. So the syringe had a valve that went to both IV tubes. The second tube went to the IV bag hanging behind the bed. It was really cool I can feel him push the fluid in WEIRD! Then he’d shut off the valve pull new fluid from the IV bag and open the port and push more in. I will try to get a picture at my next visit to show you all kind of weird but cool at the same time. However on my right boob (the bad one. When I say bad the one that had cancer in it and the one they had to take a lot off tissue out of and two of my nodes out ) he had poked me a few times before finding the correct area. The magnet didn’t work correctly go figure, my damn luck huh. So when he did stick me he had a hard time, I was stuck 2 times total. He noticed that I have a lot of fluid (swelling) still around the extender implant which he wasn’t expecting. After he found the correct area he tells me “ Well, I’m not going to lie about this but I am concerned that I might have poked and popped the extender” Geee thanks he didn’t lie about it but my damn luck…so what has he lied to me about I sat there wondering. How will I know if he popped the extender you’re wondering…. If I go flat or I notice I’m lookin flat. He never answered what if he did pop it he just avoided that. Well so once I’m filled with another 250 cc’s I’m taped with gauze and pushed out the door.

So now I have a total of 450cc’s in me and I feel the pressure. But I’m thinking and hoping that this will help from the funky feeling and pain I have been getting in my left implant area and armpit. Also hoping this will help from all the pain I get in the morning. I am always so tired and look forward to night time so I can sleep. Dr. said this is normal. But I know what is coming the very painful and pressure of the morning when I wake up. I have not been medicating when I know I’m just going to sit around the house, but it’s getting so bad I have to do something. The pressure and pain is getting to me. When I asked the Dr. if it’s normal I get a yup it’s common from him so I ask when does it quit. “As soon as you get your new implants” uuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I really don’t like this Doc he don’t really answer my questions he acts like he is always rushed grrrr.

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