Saturday, August 20, 2011


day after first treatment
Today I woke up with a weird tummy ache feeling, tight and flipping kind of. Took a quick shower. Dail came over to visit at 10 till 12:30pm. We had a great time chillaxin on the recliners watchin practice and qulifying for Nascar and shooting the breeze.
After he left I went back to bed slept from 1:45 -3:30pm Nate woke me up when he got home. Tummy still hurts, leg cramps never went away but now my knees are hurting too.
Mom was upstaris makin Chicken strips and fries and the house reeked for the deep fryer so I had to close the bedroom door and put a towel under the door then light my scentsy. There really isn't much here to eat either need to go shopping for food I can eat.
I am very emotionial. I'm already tired of this and it's my first treatment. I don't like to feel weak and having to rely on others.

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