Friday, August 12, 2011

A lot has happened

Ok so a lot has happened in 10 days where to begin.
Our 16th wedding anniversary was the 4th and we had decided the week prior that since I will have chemo we might as well take a quick mini vaca somewhere and so Nate, Cher & ! Discussed us coming to Seattle for a few days. So we are planning a trip 08/11 – 08/14 to just hang out with the Schmidt family.

08/08/11 I went in and had a power port put into me so I won’t be as poked when they do chemo and less chances of collapsing a vein. SO to do this they have to this surgically. But they only make you doppy and not put you completely out. I didn’t like that part I was pretty far out in left field but I didn’t like that guy picking up the blue sheet asking me if I’m ok … I kept wondering where the hell I was and if I was seriously still alive. Since this is right under my left clavicle bone the draping was to close so I guess they just covered my head with it FREAK ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG
SO I make it back to recovery the sweet lady for my nurse stayed with me from the minute they wheeled me in till she wheeled me out to the car. This lady cracked me up she read in the charts I was start chemo soon so she hooked me up with a to go bag she said lol you know them big patient belonging bags well half full of stuff….. Barff bags she said good to keep in the car to and from chemo and beside the bed, 3 boxes of gauze 4 x 4 pads, and enough of the clear awesome tape they like to use when they cover the ports from moving and getting wet. She said these are to keep my port area cleaned so I can shower. Then she threw in 13 double packs of saltine crackers 15 double packs of graham crackers and 6 chocolate pudding snack packs 8 of the ice pack bags and 4 of the head ice pack bags. This lady was really generous and said she really wanted to make sure I had the hook up when I go home lol.
Today Kris gray went with me to my Oncology radiation consult appt. well this Dr was so awesome and sweet he said he had a conference call with all 3 of my Drs on the team and discussed with them their options, he did a chart review, and then looked me over. He said in his oppion I didn’t meet any of the requirements to have radiation and he wouldn’t want to put me threw it if I didn’t need it so I will not be having radiation done. WHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
i did go back over to my Chemo oncologist and signed paperwork to be in the drug study for chemo. I will start my chemo thursday August 18, 2011
I have the dates but not with my i will post them afgter I get back from my trip

Nate and I get up and head to Seattle. We are having a ball just hanging out being with their family got to love the Schmidt’s
Cher and I did figure out what she is doing for the table scape for Savor the Season’s table event
Today Cher and I dragged Nate around to good will and Value Village looking for things for the Savor the Season tables cape. Then we all caught up on Big Brother.
I have noticed I am really tired lately and emotionaly but it's to be expected oh well I'm breathing is what is more important!

Hey have you felt your boobies today......

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