Thursday, July 14, 2011

07/14/11 How do you feel?

How do I feel?
Well the questions are coming now I’m a little over a week out of surgery.
Well honestly…
Like shit. I ache, my chest feels like when you pull a muscle in your back. No matter how you move it hurts and aches. I was able to get my left side drain tube out on Tuesday which is so nice but my right drain tube is the pain in my ass. It is the one that hurts to move the cord. Speaking of the cord, it is way too long and I HATE to have to deal with stripping the cord and draining it. It just about turns my stomach every time I look at it.
I have boobs under my arms. Yep you read that right. I have huge swollen armpits I guess you’d call it. I call it boob 3 and 4. It’s disgusting. I am constantly icing my arm pits and they hurt. Today I will talk to general surgeon about it but it just hurts. Most of my pain is in my right arm pit with the swelling of this area and from the removal of my lymph nodes in that area. (They took out 2 nodes)
I did call the doc on Monday and got new pain meds but they are the ones I’m allergic to. So I have to take Benadryl 30 minutes prior to take my pain meds. What a pain.

I am sick of sitting and lying around lol seriously though. But I get so tired just going to a Dr. Appt. Wish I could figure something out.

So yesterday I went and got measured for the new bras and prosthesis. Wow, wasn’t figuring out of pocket would be so much. Our coverage for DME is 80% 20% they pay the 80% we pay 20% out of pocket. SO the bras are kind of cool I can wear them after I have my implants so I won’t feel like that is waste of money and Kaiser is making me get 4 bras at $37.21 yeah do the math $148.84 then the prosthesis well are you sitting down. Ok $284.28 per side. Yup you read that right. $568.56 so total is $717.40 so my out of pocket is $143.48 Nate is stressing at the money side of this which makes me feel guilty. SO I have to wait 2 weeks then i get my fake boobs.

Then I came home and called Kaiser Membership services and discussed how treatments will be billed and found out that I have a $600.00 out of pocket spending allowance. Which I thought was great. Nate kind of panics, when I explain that every visit will be $15.00 copay. Then once we reach the limit we’re done paying for the year. Hopefully that will easy his stress.

Well off to nap write soon !

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  1. After so many x of" how do you feel?" I finally just started answering with...
    "Like shit. How do YOU feel?"
    Lol. So glad to know it's not just me.