Friday, July 15, 2011

07/14/11 Post opp with General surgeon

07/14/11 Post opp with General surgeon
Well I had a post opp appt at 4:15pm with Dr. Cowgill my general surgeon tonight. She is so sweet I really like this lady. So I made sure I gave her a card and her nurse Jane who was the one who broke the news of cancer to me on how sweet and caring they are and how I felt so at ease and like they really cared for me and my health. They both hugged me and said it meant a lot that I did that for them. I’m thinking what’s a little card they are the ones who made me feel like it’s ok and we can do this as a team.
Anyways appt went well. Dr. Cowgill didn’t feel comfy taking out the right drain yet as there was still too much output from it for that day but she thought maybe tmw or Monday and I was to call in tmw. morning with the output results and she will make a decision then.
We then went over both pathology reports as I had two one from the biopsy and one from surgery. Well they both said the same thing lol duh it would be funny if they didn’t. My mass was 4.0x 3.6x 3.0 cm she didn’t tell me what stage it was considered. My Margins were all good which means no cancer anywhere else. My two lymph nodes didn't have any cancer in there. My mass was estrogen-positive or progesterone-positive. This is all I know besides I am referred off to oncology

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