Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7 days after post opp with plastic surgeon

7 days after
Post opp consult with plastic surgeon
I woke up not feeling good at all kind of a tummy ache I guess you’d say. I get over to Sunnybrook in Clackamas, Or. I go in and before I check in I go to membership services and let them know I’ve been having troubles with the attitude from the surgeon. He tells me at anytime I can just be referred by my general surgeon to a new plastic surgeon no questions asked. This eased my mind a lot. I check in and go to the appointment. The nurse comes in unwraps me from my compress and the pressure feels good but hurts the longer I sit there without it. Dr. comes in takes off the foam tape that was on the incisions which had silver nitrate on it so my skin is black from where that was but it felt so good not to have tape covering them anymore. Doc took out the drain on my left side but kept the one on my right as I still have a lot of out take from it. He said I seem to be swollen but nothing to be too concerned about. I asked about the implants if they were flattened or of they have something in them and he said there is 200cc’s in them now which I was shocked about. I am scheduled to come back to see him Friday if I have under 30cc outtake from my right drain to have it taken out. He seemed very nice today and caring he even touched my shoulder and rubbed it and said take care and see you friday as he left the room. ( I was yellin in my head ) Who was that? and what did you do with my surgeon? I still just don’t feel good and kind of lounged around after I got home. Having a hard time sleeping at night last night and tonight was my first few nights back in bed but propped up on couch pillows. Just wish my tummy would feel better.
I did take picts with all my wraps off but I just don’t know if I’m comfy enough yet to post them if I will at all.

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  1. Lol. The drs have pics of my leg wound and I think once we are all done ill collect them all and post the progress all at once. Maybe make a flip book. (: