Friday, July 15, 2011

07/15/11 My day today

My day today...
I had to get up this am and call in to Dr. office and give them the right drain output. 20.5ml’s My nurse Jane said to come on in at 10:30am and they would take out the drain. Why didn’t they just do it the night before what a waste of a trip and another $15.00 copay. I get mom and dad to take me down there get the drain removed and I remembered to ask Jane what stage it was so here ya go

PT2 PN0 Stage 2 Invasive ductal Carcinoma
SO in our words not Doctor terms
I have stage two Invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer
Below is a definition of what stage two breast cancer is I am stage 2A #3

Stage II breast cancer (... brest KAN-ser)
Stage II breast cancer is divided into stages IIA and IIB. In stage IIA, (1) no tumor is found in the breast, but cancer is found in the maxillary (under the arm) lymph nodes; or (2) the tumor is 2 centimeters or smaller and has spread to the axillaries lymph nodes; or (3) the tumor is larger than 2 centimeters but not larger than 5 centimeters and has not spread to the axillaries lymph nodes. In stage IIB, the tumor is (1) larger than 2 centimeters but not larger than 5 centimeters and has spread to the auxiliary lymph nodes; or (2) larger than 5 centimeters but has not spread to the auxiliary lymph nodes.

So I got my drain out today and wow what a difference … This drain hurt like hell when she pulled it out, talk about burn. But what a difference it makes I can sit differently and bend over now. I did notice my chest feel really tight & heavy today. She said she notices that I’m not as swollen on my chest area and so I’m actually feeling the tightness of the muscle wall and the implants. OH BOY! This may not be as I expected. It’s almost like when you pull a muscle in your back. But mine is being stretched every time I breathe. My arm pits are so swollen still and hurt I just wish that would go away and then I could deal with the chest issue.

Well so I go meet Kris, Joe, & Dail for lunch today at our usual spot lol Red Robin. Had a blast hanging out, and hearin Dail bash the high school reunion. Joe dropped Kris and me off at the mall to go shopping for the reunion. So we walk into Torrid right. We start grabbing some clothes to try on and then all of a sudden the sales lady comes up to us and says “Can I get you ladies a dressing room?” we both say sure and hand her our piles of clothes and she then turns back to us and says “Would you ladies like to share a room?” I say I knew we were close but not that close and Kris says “UUUUUGGGH NO THANKS!” I then say “I know you’ve touched me in places most haven’t but geeze” and I start bustin up laughing … (I was talking about I made Kris feel the lump on my right breast on how big it was before they took it out and it’s been kind of a joke between us) and now I got some chick asking if we’d want to share a fitting room I mean really … I know I cut my hair short and yes it’s manly but seriously come on now. OMG!

(Kris this all started with you and them damn shoes on our Cher nappin trip and sharing a bed) I lay all blame on you chica!

So we both found dresses to wear to the reunion now I need to worry about if I’m wearing a wig or not and if I’m wearing boobs or not … rolling on floor laughing.

I had a great day today and it felt good to get out of the house for a bit too. Thanks guys you are great friends Love you all

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