Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time away

Time Away From My Blog.
If I haven't posted on my blog it's because I haven't really done anything.
Here’s the latest running through my mind.
The last few days I have done NOTHING but sleep. I am very tired and the HUGE black circles under my eyes show for it.
Today I had to go back up to Saffron's to have them re-measure me for my bras. The one she gave me was too tight and would have killed me with the prosthetics in it. I was given a new bra and the order was changed for the others.
I must have slept way WRONG last night as I have the worst pain in my neck and it’s not my hubby or kidos.
I am still wondering when these damn stitches come out ….. Killin me
The last thing on my mind OMG TMW is Bai’s 17th birthday … Holey Shit where did the time go…. I have no idea what to get him. He wants new PS3 games but they don’t come out till end of the year. UGGGH what to do …. DAMN I HATE waiting this long….Thanks Nate.
Well no apt. till next week so no real new info. until then sorry guys.

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  1. Make a cool gift certificate redeemable for the PS3 game...then you don't have to leave home or anything!