Wednesday, July 13, 2011

day four after

4 days after

I felt really good as I feel I got some sleep last night. I got up and actually got completely dressed for the first time. Dr said I was starting to get a sinus infection and thought I should sit outside to get fresh air. So as I’m sitting outside my friend Christy Choate and her boyfriend Steve stop by to visit. It was good to finally see Christy again, it’s been awhile. I think I disgusted Steve talking about surgery ect. hehehe what a way to impress someone hahaha first time meeting someone probley shouldn’t have been a few days after major surgery. It felt good not to be sitting or lying down all the time. However I noticed I couldn’t stand for long either though. Later in the day Kris Gray stopped by and we chatted it up for a few and she left a chair side table all decored up for me. Gotta love that girl she sure does know how to make you feel comfy. Nate and Colton went to our favorite car show, The Big shindig down town Vancouver. He met Jason and the rest of them down there. I was sad I couldn’t go but I wouldn’t have made it health wise. Nate had to leave around 4:30 to take Colton to a birthday party and to come home to help me as my parents left and I was alone. But he really enjoyed the show this year. I felt ok enough He took Bailey , gunnar, and I to Shari’s for dinner but I all night crashed as soon as we got home I only woke up to pee but slept other then bathroom breaks.

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