Sunday, July 17, 2011

Totally Wiped out!

Totally Wiped out!
Today I got out of bed yes physically out of bed at 8:30am. Seems to be the wake up time for me now days. I go out to the living room and crashed in “THE BEAST” (recliner). Yes the beast, it’s really the name of the recliner. They are made for really tall people. They are taller and wider then a normal chair. Nate needed it and so instead of buying a his chair and her chair and them looking funny huge and small well he bought two. SO I’m all snuggled into my chair snoozing when I hear a familiar voice as someone opened the door. Debi and Wally showed up to visit with me. but I’m feeling like an idiot now as I’m still all snuggled up in my chair in my p.j.’s and lamby blanket with my makeup all left on from last night. Uuuuugh I knew I should’ve got off my ass and showered this am. But it was still a great visit from great people. As I know they don’t care but still. After they left I crashed again. Later in the day my phone rings its Michelle. Wow mother and daughter must have really been thinking of me today lol kind of funny one stops by and other calls lol. After a great phone call back to sleep I went. Wow I really only woke up to pee, visit with company, answer my phone, eat, or to go to bed. SO can you guess why I’m awake now………. BED TIME
I think yesterday made me tireder… yes tireder should be a word and yes I know it should be more tired but I am Marple you know and tireder sounds better to us lol.
I do think standing around yesterday and enjoying the fresh air, exhaust and a great cruise in over did it for me lol.
I feel the stretching happening my throat feels so tight to like pop my neck and my chest feels like I pulled a back muscle. Then the raw feeling OMG I wish that part would go away that is what bugs me the most. I’m so sensitive to that. These are the feelings that have been sparkin my emotions. Ugh just warring on me is all. I’m tired of the pains and aches already.

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