Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 days after

3 days after
I didn’t sleep but maybe a minute here or there. I even want to get on the computer. Nate brings it to me and we get it all set up and as soon as I start typing he notices I’m fallin asleep head bobbin. I just don’t have any energy. Nate has to help me in and out of the chair, assist me in the bathroom as I can’t move my arms from the elbows up to my shoulders.
Nothing shows how much you love someone when you have to assist them in the bathroom. Talk about love support, dedication, and proving how much you care for someone when you have to assist them.
I never thought I’d ever have to rely on someone to help me with this and I NEVER expected Nate to be the first to stand up and just do it, no complaints. No matter how bad I feel I totally feel love surrounding me from my friends, family, and Nate. Love you all

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