Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cruising the Gut cruise down town Vancouver

Cruising the Gut cruise down town Vancouver.
Well today I woke up at 8:30 and was kind of amazed at the rain as today is the cruise in I love to go to. I stayed in bed till 1pm just watching TV and relaxing as much as possible in case the rain let up. So I then head to the living room and veg some more till 3 when I noticed the sun peeking out. I got all excited got ready to go. Skipped the hair wore the stuffed boobs lol. Nate, Colton and I headed down to Main Street. On the way down, I realized I forgot my pain meds. Uugh how the hell way I going to do this without them? I called Scott and Laura asked them to go ask mom and dad to give them my pain meds and if they would bring down to me when they come down to the cruise. I was so lucky they were able to get them and did bring them. I was totally panicked until they got there lol. Os we roll up to the beginning staging area for the cruise in and we noticed our usual spot across the street from Dairy Queen in a church parking lot was taken over by a car club… uuugh so disappointed. So we just headed down main cruise in with the pack when I noticed a parking spot woohoo . Nate muscled Sally in to parallel parking spot. WE were stoked with our location. Candi, Corey, Travis, Madisyn, Ray, & Dee all showed up and watched the cruise with us. My mom, dad, and Kelli came by for a few. So Did Reno and Cyndi. Also ran into a lot of friends from high school. What a great time. Well about 10pm we decided it was time to go. WE cruise the strip turn around to go the other direction and then oh let’s do it again he says. So we turn around and on our way back we pass Brent and Tammy McGee so we turned around again and found then where they parked and pulled over and chatted with them till 11:15pm decided it was way past our bed time and said our good byes. Nate turned around and headed back up the strip wow no one was still out so funny we closed the cruise in down lol last year it was still going way past midnight. 11:30pm we hit home and it hit me I was beat! Thank God, Scott and Laura got my meds from mom and dad before they left. What a help that was, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. I’m kind of panicked now as I was only able to wear the bra and stuffed boobs for about ¾ of the time while I was there. I don’t know what I’m going to do for the class reunion coming up in 2 weeks. Uugh.

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