Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today is just another day of waiting.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is just another day of waiting.
This time it’s waiting for the time to tick away until my plastic surgeons appointment.

Let me explain something really quick to clear up some confusion. This type of cancer doesn’t hurt. It’s called the silent killer for that reason. That’s why most people don’t catch it until it’s almost too late. It’s very important to make sure you or your doctors do your checks. I will always be asking
“HAVE YOU FELT YOUR TATA’S LATELY?” for that reason. I feel fine, the same as I normally do every other day of my life. (Like I’m falling apart with age lol)
However, I am starting to get tired a little more easily. I have talked to the doctor about this and it’s due from all the stress I have put my body, mind, and soul threw in the last 11 days. It’s just my body catching up to reality now. She has written it down that I must plan naps. (I have it in writing lol) She even said she can write it as a prescription if I needed her to. (Love this lady, my kind of humor)

Just a warning ……
My blog will be pretty boring until my plastic appointment then again until surgery. I will just fill you in on my boring daily life.
Well off to get ready to scrapbook from 9 – 9 with the ladies…..

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I received that quote from Connie yesterday. Thanks Connie I love positive quotes. I am actually making a comment book and quote book so if anyone has any they would like to add just send them.
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