Tuesday, June 21, 2011

06/21/11 Plastic Surgeon Visit

Saline or Silicone ???

Can you say implants ????? (All Kinds)
Working from the back row forward
Back row is Tissue Expanders. They use these if to much skin and tissue had to be removed due from the area where the cancer mass was removed. then a second surgery is required to replace the expanders with the actual implant.
Middle row is saline and silicone
Front Row is a few of the larger sizes of silicone implants.

Just an idea of what they'd look like on .... ROFLMAO -Rollin' On floor Laughin' My Ass Off!

Well this appt was wierd! the Doc is very let's just say by the book, and no sence of humor. Doc dropped one of the implants on the floor. I say "Oops, boobie dropped!" He just looked at me straight faced and went on with what he was saying. I made a few wise cracks that my mom chuckled at and nothing out of him but stone faced. I walked out of their knowing more that I had researched online then what he told me. That to me is kind of sad. It upsets me actually. What if I didn't research anything and I relied totally on him. H basically told me that I will not know anything until after I wake up in recovery. As they won't know what kind of implant they can do ( if he will have to use tissue expanders or just implants )until they get in there to see what is left after the mastectomy. Basiclly I won't know ANYTHING on both sidesd of the surgeries the mastectomy part and the implant part till afterwards. He did tell me to expect a 4-6 hour surgery though. I also recieved an email back from my surgeon tellin me that considering the size it looks like I will have to have chemo. so to expect that.
I don't have really anything else to keep you all informed on besides I'm really tired.

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