Sunday, June 19, 2011

06/19/11 Totally Over Whelmed

Being over whelmed from all the love and support by all!
I received a phone call today from an old friend from high school. Honestly debated answering it not knowing if I was strong enough to talk about all that has been going on or not. I have my moments when I just break down, or talking with certain people, but for the most part I’m doing good. I’m s glad I took the call. I was doing some more research on the implants and surgery and sometimes all that information can get to you. . Tammy made my day she really picked up my spirits again.

My dear sister in law Nicole started a team for race for the cure in my honor, and then made this page on facebook …..!/event.php?eid=218359714861375. The support from people I don’t even know, and all the love from friends is overwhelming, but in a good way.

I’m not a person who is good with words but Thank You, does not even come close.
I just need to let you all know it really does mean a lot to me no words could ever express my thanks.

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