Thursday, June 23, 2011

oops forgot yesterdays post... here it is

06/23/11 I actually forgot to blog yesterday 06/22/11...
Well I ended up going to the gym with Kim and swam a mile. My legs were limp noodles when I finally got back home. I sat in the hot tub for a few seconds but it wasn't very warm. I ended up coming home and freezing all day. ( I hate that ) so I pretty much vegged in bed playin on puter.

Kelli came down in the evening and told me to get ready to go but I couldn't figure out where but then she finally told me she was taking me to get a pedi.
wooooo hooo finally! I had one done a month again but needed another badly.

I ordered my pink cancer braclets and recieved them today in the mail.

"fight like a girl"


"Cancer Sucks"

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