Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Round 4 !!!!

Well Round 4 kicked me!
The more rounds I go the worse they seem. I got sick to my tummy as soon as I got home. Today is day 7 and I still don’t feel all that good. However, better than I have been this week. I haven’t had the nausea this bad yet OH it was all I had to keep it down. I instantly was plugged if you know what I mean… I don’t like to talk about those issues that come with chemo but this round if it’s not plugged its running lol. My hands hurt really badly like a lot of pressure then I realized they were swelling. Saturday we went to a memorial service for one of Nate’s co workers wife and we had to leave right afterwards it was all I had to stay awake, even on ride home. I slept all day and night woke up Sunday my birthday feeling horrible in the middle of the night and just stayed in bed all day. Monday I woke up to get boys ready for school and I took a pict of my hand at 6 am went back to bed woke up at 9 am and took another picture wow the difference is crazy. They hurt so bad they burn like an actual burn. I even have them on the palm side of my hand on a few fingers… My nails Oh my nails it feels like the pressure inside my fingers that I was talking about is pushing the nails off my nail beds. My nails are actually lifting off in areas. Then today I noticed that my nails are flattening out. Research guy said this is a side effect and it’s from the chemo. Like no big deal nothing they can do. Along with these FEW LOL complaints I have 2 blisters on my foot. One right under my big toe that is about the size of a quarter and the other on the heel and then duh of course this is on the bad foot that I had ankle surgery 2 times last year on and nerve damage from… so I walk different because of the blisters which is causing other issues with the ankle and nerve issues. OH WHEN WILL IT STOP? Calgon take me away ! lol

6 am left hand 10-24-11

6 am right hand 10-24-11

9am right hand 10-24-11

10-26-11 9 am right hand

finger nail lifting

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