Friday, October 7, 2011

catchin up

I know I need to catch up and stay caught up but I am human and going through chemo and I forget lol
Well round two was just like round one a lot of the same issues. Which If you go back you can read as I have more to tell you about round 3 so I don’t want to go through it all plus I’m to dang lazy right now lol
Round three
Nate decided he wanted to go with me to this treatment… Oh he’s in for a good time lol
So let me fill you in Nate has bad knees do to work and has to get cortisone one a regular basis just for him to be able to walk. So we planned this out he has to have one day off after wards so he had the shots in both knees the day before treatment and then he’ll just go to treatment with me right …lol
Oh well good times he has restless leg syndrome and can’t stand sit squat for any periods of time right but the cortisone clams that down for about 4 days so we should be good. WE go to Chemo I go in see the drug research nurse, then go see the oncologist ( Nate being Nate, has quite a few comments about him lol he told me he had some questions he’d like answered while we were there and he was going to ask right but instead he sits there playing Zombie Gunship on my iphone instead of asking questions lol he didn’t even look up when the oncologist walked in lol Plus he didn’t even turn the sound down so it sounded like Iraq in there lol that’s my Nater please keep in mind I was pissed at the time, but lookin back it’s kind of funny my motto fits here it is what it is. ) then I’m askin the questions to my Doc and he kind of walked around the question and I never got it answered as doc leaves the room Nate pops his head up from the iphone “ ummmm not lookin good” Nate says lol. Oh he cracks me up some times. Next we have to go back to waiting room and recheck in to go to nurse chemo area. Of course Zombie Gunship is being played as we are walking down the hall ways ect . with sound. I go pay again and get checked in. finally we are taken back to chemo. My nurse hooks me up and to Iv and steroids and off I go to get my water juice and snacks he is floored I’m up cruising around as everyone else looks like they re on their death beds in there. But I honestly believe I was the youngest by 30+ years that day. Oh he really makes me laugh. Then the first bag of chemo comes and he is all that’s a lot then when that’s was done he thought we were lol no Nate one more OMG really that’s a big bag too lol oh Nate… After running my battery down he was bored thank god I brought the word searches he could wait for the battery to charge long enough as the plug in wasn’t by him lol thank God I brought it though lol We finally get to go home whoop hoo I was drained from keeping him occupied lol and watching him up, down stretch, up, down, stretch
Well the symptoms hit me harder and right away with this round I prepared for the constipation and had stuff on board prior (Insert rolling of eyes here) Thank God I did! But I noticed as soon as the nurse put the Heparin in my port to clear the line I got the usual nasty smell and taste in my mouth from that but my nose was super sensitive this time to smells. About 45 minutes from the last drop of chemo I noticed I got the waxy plastic coating in my mouth. I also noticed my taste wasn’t the same it’s just changed. UGGGH water didn’t even taste right uugh all before I even got home. I knew instantly once this happened this round was not going to be fun. Well I just went and walked around the house a few times to stretch and get fresh air. I then have had other issues hit me hard like I’m boarder line anemic. My blood counts are low. then the other day , my hands broke out in a rash hot and swelled, my bottom lip swelled so bad it split, my nose swelled so bad I couldn’t ware my glasses, my ear lobes swelled, I itched from head to toes , plus I got 3 blisters on my left foot too and my eye lids swelled shut. For no known reason so they make me drive back over there the next day to get checked. Oh it’s just a bad reaction to the chemo. REALLY???????????? I drove all that way for that NO SHIT HUH BAD REACTION glad I went to medical school. Yes the real Jill showed up and got all pissed but did nothing but ball my head off in the room and in the line at the pharmacy. I left there so mad. I got invited to go use a deep bathtub at Cher’s mom’s house to go soak in my aveeno. Oh it helped so much!!!!!

after dr visit

after long soak in the tub
So today the itching has gone down, hands are still fire red patchy and burn, nose soars are coming on, I’m very tired, my tummy still isn’t being settled. Doctor told me he won’t prescribe me a medical marijuana card but I can find it if I wanted to try a hit to see if it will help. OH BOY! Back to the good ole days LMAO! He also told me he can’t prescribe me my migraine meds (caffeine) but he can give me chemo…. Things that make you go hummmm….lol
Oh totally random thought to tell you the other day Kim and I went to the gym and we swam.
It felt so good getting back in the pool again. We have been two times now, and this last time we did the mile. It took us a little longer then we usually do but hey we did it, and I was only a few days out of chemo.
So as to date my usual daily of how I feel is like just before the flu really hits you … you know that your tummy just is not right unsettled, I fight daily headaches. I sweat doing very little, and tire very easily. I also noticed this round I’m VERY sensitive (lol) ok downright bitchy towards my poor Colty. I don’t mean to be but I can’t handle people acting DUMB right now… I just jump him in the middle of whatever he is saying and wow poor kido. I apologize but I don’t think it helps. As for Bai well he barely talks to me welcome to teen hood lol… I also have been EXTREAMLY emotional. I cry very easily. Like yesterday at the doctors about my swelling and itching. Just sobbing while he told me it’s just Chemo.
I keep telling myself that it is just God testing me to see how far till I break but I keep yelling to my inside self I’m broke Damn it! I’m Broke!
I do want to say again Thank You all for your love and support during this fight. Cos if it were not for you all I don’t know where I’d be health and mentally…. I love the cards, little words of encouragement, and all the prayers! THANK YOU!

just a random pict I took today just for Cher.
She was yellin at me for not waring a hat when I was out today.
So I put on on when I got home and sent her this pict lol
Didn't realize I could twist my face that much lol

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