Wednesday, October 19, 2011

round 4 10/19/2011

SO I go pick up Kris at 7am we headed straight for Starbucks then to subway to get lunch for later. WE get on the road at 7:20 made it to appt just at 8am, Lucky ducky lol. Not like they are ever in a hurry for us you know but you have to be on time.
Anyways we go back meet with Kate Van Meter she tells me my blood levels are good YIPPIE! We discuss my nausea still and she refers me to the pharmacist for a consult.
Next Kris and I went up to physical therapy for my lemyhedema therapy. Yup ½ hr early but they get me in right away which was nice. So since we had 30 minutes Kris and I went down stair and had out lunch at 9:30am lol but I know if I didn’t eat I’d be sick afterwards. SO we munched on our subway sandwiches then headed back up to check in to chemo.
Once we were taken back we were put in chair 4 with Susan as my nurse… RUDE AND VERY SHORT with people… I get my port cath hooked up to the saline it runs for 30 minutes. I had forgot to take my Dexamethasome Steroid yesterday and my am dose for today…ops so they then had to hook me up to that for 45 minutes they give me a sutifed for my nose side effects I get my second bag of chemo and two kytril for the nausea so I take all this and then here comes my chemo….
Susan was training or retraining I should say this lady Linda use to be in the chemo ward 12 years ago and came back today was her second day back and I happened to get her. But she is nicer the Susan. I’m sitting forward in my chair scrapbooking on the stool in front of me and all of a sudden my ass is wet and I didn’t Pee… And It’s getting worse so I stand up really quick as Linda is screwing in the new chemo bag to my iv lines and then my chair is really soaked now and I’m freaking’ out “ HELLLO WE HAVE A PROBLEM THIS IS LEAKIN AND MY ASS IS WET” well she blocks the chemo which is great but forgot to block the saline, She does that and then I’m looking’ at the big piece that hooks from my port to the iv lines and it now had blood coming out . I hold it up right thinking oh it won’t come out of that and its pour out of that like a chocolate fountain, they block that and then we clean it all up. All to find out Kris wasn’t there she went to the ice machine she missed most of the drama lol. OMG really…..
I ended up getting my second bag of chemo but got a headache with it and I ask Susan the nurse if I can get something for it she says we are giving you sutifed for it I said no that’s for the nose side effects I have with it. SO Kris went out to pharmacy and talked to Gayla (My pharmacists and my fav.) talked to her she said they give sutifed to help prevent headaches and they don’t carry any of my migraine / headache meds… GO figure. So she comes out of the pharmacy and asks me if I’d like just a pain pill I told her sure, just surprise me look at my record I have a few . She offered me a dialoted (spelled wrong) I turned it down then told her to just surprise me with whatever she wanted to give….That broad came out with two vicodine lmao for a head ache but it worked lol

I then all of a sudden started sweating so bad they got me a cold wash cloth. I have NEVER had this side effect it was horrible. I mean I soaked some clothes it was bad. I get it to calm down and then wham its back I had this happened 4 times now 2 while at chemo 2 at home. OMG it is horrible.

On a good note about this round I believe someone had sent me two angels today and it was for me just to remember….. This sweet little lady sat across from me Karen .she was diagnosed a few days before me but get this she went in thinking she had a sinus headache and it ends up being 17 liesions on her brain and some on her lungs. What a spitfire …Sweet little Karen has lung cancer that has mastestized to brain cancer. Oh seeing her she just reminded me of my Grandma J then she asked us girls to come chat with her so we did for a few and learned a lot about her in a few minutes… I’m praying for her too last her 2 +years as she is praying for…
Then a bit later a new man was brought in to the unit and sat across from me and I looked over and I swear it was Terry sitting here I slowly turned my head looked at Kris and said Terry and she looked up and kind of shocked look on her face she says yeah…. I swear I was meant to see these people today and remind me of each of them.

So today will filled with a great friend, drama, a new friend, and two reminders from angels.

Headaches back, Hot flashes, Tummy is so messed up, cotton mouth is horrible, nothing is working , not even the Biotene wash and gum, sick of water already, my feet and hands are blistering and cracking, now my nails are peeling , so need a mani/pedi, Muscle cramps and joint pain is here. I can’t walk far without sweating now, and bad lower back pain when I walk distance, I took an ambient sleep aid 2 hrs ago and still can’t sleep lol

I am not on my death bed as you usually associate people with going through chemo. I was told today women under 50 have the worse luck with horrible nausea not the elderly. I think since so many people are so closed about their journey we usually only see the end or close to the end results. That is what sticks in our minds. This is why I share!
It just amazes me how each round gets more intense more side effects and how I really feel like crap.
I may get out and about week two or three but I still feel like crap I get stir crazy can’t stay in the house all the time….So if you see me out and about or ask me yeah I’ll say “I’m ok “I ALWAYS have some nausea issues some days are horrible, and some days it’s just ok to deal with. I just want you all to know I am tolerating it the only way I know how, One day at a time. Just hoping this birthday I have nothing.
Thanks for all the support
Your letters, cards, messages, texts, everything helps me deal with the every day.
Love you all near and far.
Jill Marple

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