Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I have been so Thankful the last few months more then I have ever in my life.
Thank you goes out to each and every one of you for all the support, love, and prayers. As I Kick cancer to the curb, you all have been helping me.Some of you feel you haven't but even in the simplest way of just checkin in on me from afar has helped me know that you care. Here is just a few of the simplest ways people have helped me that I am so honored and thankful for.

Cher had mentioned me to a few of her friends and they would send me cards and lil gifts to perk me up. how amazing is that... these are people that I have never met but so so lucky to finally meet them a few weeks ago. AMAZING PEOPLE!

I was very honored when a old friend from high school had told me about Shoots For A Cure and that she would be willing to take my pictures. Janice Mullane Peralta is the best!!!! Janice came to my friend Cher Schmidt's house while I was up visiting and we did the photo shoot in her house. This photo shoot was only a few weeks ago, and I am so thankful Janice was able to be able to capture this time for me. I want to remember my cancer treatments, scars from surgery, and everything that came with it. I want o be able to stand up say look at what I accomplished. I am so Thankful these two women are in my life, as with all of my other friends and family. I am one lucky broad!!!! I truely was very overwhelmed by all the support and love I have recieved from everyone in the last few months. I am not one to talk or show about emotions much but I seriously am very emotional over all the support.

Cher & I

Shoots For A Cure had asked if I would be willing to allow them to put my photos on their website. I did and here is a link to that page... (hope that worked, if not copy and paste) they are the same picts.
Thank you goes to Kris Gray for helpin me out with words.

Here are just a few shout outs to a few people ....
If I don't have your pict let's get it soon if it is possible as I want to honor each and every one of you.

THANK YOU for the best supporter ever!!!! Nathan Marple,you amaze me!!!
You're the BEST!

THANK YOU Cher Schmidt for being a huge supporter!!

THANK YOU COLTY for loving and supporting me even kissin & cuddling with me when I needed it most !

THANK YOU Kris for being you, and supporting me !!

THANK YOU Danika for all your help and support!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Nicole Robinson, Peyton Lynn, Kris Gray, & Rachael Yonko for walkin race for the cure with me !!

A huge THANK YOU to my niece Peyton Lynn for making me a dragon tail for Race for a cure!!!

TAHNK YOU Shelley Pennington Embrey supporting me while running!!

THANK YOU Carter Kinkead for supporting me durring his CCYF football game!!

THANK YOU Prairie Falcon CCYF 7th graders for supporting me durring their game!!!

Thank each and every one of you for all of your support!

Thank you all for supporting me!!!!

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